How do I set up an account?

Your primary business must be picture framing, photography, artist or other industry related business.  You must be in the business of re-selling frames.

We will need a copy of your current state sales and use tax id certificate and number.  After that, we need basic contact information and payment information.  

How do I place orders?

You can call us at: 800-727-6954.

You can fax us at: 615-333-0168.

You can email us at:

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and credit card.

Any check returned for insufficient funds is accessed a $30 fee plus the original cost of the product.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover only.

Can I pickup my order?

In most instances, with as little as a 4-hour notice we can have length, chops, and supplies ready for you the same day.

We operate Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and ask that all orders be picked up by 4:30 p.m.

How do I set up an open credit account

Open credit accounts are available to full-time, retail-only businesses with good credit histories. Please complete the open account application.

This process takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. All orders are COD or Credit Card Prepay until an open account is established.

What are your credit terms?

All open accounts are NET 30 from the date of invoice.

A 1-1/2% finance charge will be added to all past due balances. An account is past due as of day 31.

If your account is past due, please call us (800-727-6954) and let's work together to set up a payment plan that will bring you back current while still allowing you to order.

Communication is key.  We understand that hiccups in life and business happen.  Avoiding the subject never solves a problem.  Call us.

How do I obtain a price list of your products?

After we receive your State Sales Tax form we will provide you with a current price list.  Our current pricing is also available by subscribing to any major Point of Purchase software vendors.

How do I get on your delivery route?

We deliver to full-time, commercially operated shops located in retail developed areas.  

If your business meets this criteria and you are along one of our current delivery paths, please call us (800-727-6954) so that we can begin discussions on how to add you to our route.

I'm outside your delivery area. Can you ship to me?

In most instances, orders placed by Noon each day ship that day.  We ship length, chops, mats and supplies.  

We do not ship glass.

All orders ship prepaid via credit card.  Shipping is charged to each order of mats, and supplies.  Chop orders can qualify for free shipping if the order total is over $75.  Length orders can qualify for free shipping if the order total is over $150.

FedEx Ground as our primary shipper.  Beginning in May 2016, FedEx has added a $10.50 charge to any box over 47 inches.

Do you print a catalog?

No.  We do not print a catalog.  As with the nature of our business, mouldings and mats are phased out regularly, making any printed catalog obsolete within days of print.

Instead, we are using our website as our real-time catalog.  Mouldings and supplies we carry will be listed.  

Mouldings and supplies that are being discontinued or have been discontinued will be tagged.

How do I get corner samples?

If you see a moulding you like on our website and need a corner, please contact us. 

Most corners are $1 each.  

Samples are free to customers who are participants in our Discount & Rewards program.

How can I get better pricing on my purchases?

By being a regular, loyal customer purchasing a minimum of $750 per month or $9000 per year with us.  As your business grows your discounts increase. See our Discounts & Rewards Program for details.

Do you have a list of discontinued mouldings and mats?


Please click this link for the latest PDF list of discontinued mouldings.

Please click this link for the latest PDF list of discontinued mats.

Please click this link for the latest PDF list of discontinued supplies.